Ready for take-off!

In the truest sense of the word, DFC®’s services will pretty much lift you off your feet. Since 1995, decorative film coating has been our daily business.

Everywhere where eye-catchers and extraordinary décors are required or the use of genuine materials such as wood and marble is not possible, our surface technology comes in useful. From start to landing, DFC® is the predestined problem solver when it comes to effect coatings and special décors in the sensitive area of the aeroplane interior.

The DFC® technology is a patented coating method, which is protected by licence. DFC® has the know-how to make even the impossible possible. To be able to do so, we closely watch trends, present new perspectives and transform visions into reality.

We are the perfect partners for trains of thought from all over the world. Any good idea is of interest to us, in particular those that stand out from the rest. Inspired by our customers’ technical and aesthetic requirements, we create the best look, offer comprehensive services and well thought-out logistics.
Our company’s employees are the most important asset in this regard, as they systematically introduce their talents into project work. Intricate detail questions and extraordinary tasks – our team embodies the dynamics of a search for innovations, takes care of the planning part, accompanies the project work and employs state-of-the art technology.

To us, it is a matter of course to comply with aviation and automotive standards and terms of delivery.

Beate Noppe
Chief executive