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Produktion 1
From left to right:
1 Fill
2 Priming
3 Pigment bath
4 Immersing
5 Dripping
6 Rinsing
7 Finishing coat

The DFC®-Technology:

An intensive pretreatment forms the basis for the quality of the further production process. By means of special priming coats, we underline the genuine look of certain motifs. The pretreatment is followed by mounting the individual parts on the immersion grids.

The desired décor is located on a printing film, which is spread on the water surface of a dip tank. The printing film’s carrier substance dissolves in the water and gives off the décor to the water surface.

An activator causes the decor’s adherence, so it remains on the water surface like an oil film. Throughout the entire procedure, the décor remains stable.

The products to be coated are carefully immersed in the warm water bath from the top, thereby passing through the liquid design. The water pressure from below causes the decor to be evenly applied to the products. The design is flawlessly and continuously transferred to the item.

During the next production step, the printed parts are washed to completely remove any film and paint residue and all products are checked for the quality of motif application.

Once they are dry, the designs are painted with clear lacquer and subjected to a final polish. Special types of lacquer achieve a high degree of UV-resistance and extreme scratch and abrasion resistance.

During the final step, products have to pass the product inspection and quality test. Then  products are prepared for
packaging and dispatch.